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We all have been through the phase where we do not know the difference between lust and love. We just glare at our opposite gender, and we think that this person is the one that is able to be my partner. We only get impressed by that person’s looks, and we forget to think if that person is truly worthy of our love or not. That is the reason why we must know what is true love or what is lust.

An powerful sexual desire to another person is called lust. When it works optimally, lust may bind us to a mate and promote intense physical intimacy. At its worst, idealisation and projection of what we want to see rather than the truth of the other person or circumstance is what drives passion. Furthermore, the idea that enduring lust is a prerequisite for a committed relationship is absurd and harmful.

A little more nuance goes into love. Love, one of the most frequently discussed topics in literature and the arts, has frequently emerged as a mystery, characterised in an infinite number of ways throughout human history. Love is a fundamental human urge that keeps us attached to the people who matter most, according to an attachment theory. A profound love, trust, and acceptance of a person, with all their flaws, are necessary ingredients for a safe, loving relationship with a romantic partner.

Given that the two phenomena activate comparable neurological pathways in the brain that are involved in self-view, goal-directed behaviour, happiness, reward, and addiction, it is not surprising that people have trouble telling the difference between love and lust. But love and lust are not the same; they can coexist with or without one another, in varied degrees, and they can even alternate between one another over time.

How to tell if you have lust or love?

Although there are no rules when it comes to love, the following distinctions may be useful to take into account if you are concerned that the connection is merely motivated by passion and not suitable for a long-term union:

What draws you to this relationship?

Lust is defined as an exclusive sexual attraction in a partner. Love is the desire to spend time getting to know someone.

Are you willing to put in the effort?

Lust makes an effort to maintain the relationship at its ideal level. Love extends to experiencing painful emotions and having uncomfortable dialogues.

How do you feel about the imperfections of the individual?

When you learn about someone’s shortcomings, lust loses interest. Love acknowledges both a person’s good and bad traits.

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