Success Sticks for Austin-Based Slime Company Peachybbies

The world of small business and entrepreneurship is more competitive than ever in our digital age. For new startups trying to break through the noise, going viral on social media can sometimes make or break their success. Austin-based slime company Peachybbies experienced just that when their viral “Success Sticks” took off on TikTok in 2021. This unlikely product launch story provides valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs about the power of digital discovery, user-generated content, and leveraging social media to grow a brand.

Background on Peachybbies

Founding Story

Peachybbies was founded in 2019 by wife-and-husband team Leila Hamdaoui and Nicolas Perez in Austin, Texas. As parents of young kids enamored with slime videos on YouTube, they saw a gap in the market for high-quality, customized slime kits. They began selling DIY slime kits on Etsy, then quickly expanded to their own ecommerce site to meet demand. Their kits included personalized ingredients and themes like mermaid, unicorn, and galaxy slimes.

Product Offerings

In just two years, Peachybbies grew from a handmade Etsy shop to offering over 100 different slime kits with wholesale partners like Urban Outfitters. Their products range from single slimes to monthly subscription boxes and even slime party kits. They also expanded into children’s bath bombs, soaps, crayons, and other toys. However, it was the launch of their simple “Success Sticks” in 2021 that took their small business to the next level virtually overnight.

The “Success Sticks”

What Are They?

The Success Sticks consist of two plastic sticks attached end-to-end in the shape of an “H.” One stick has the word “SUCCESS” embedded inside, while the other stick has a heart. When snapped apart, the sticks separate to read “SUCCESS” on one stick and “YOU” on the other.

TikTok Virality

In Spring 2021, Peachybbies sent out Success Sticks as free gifts with some online orders. A few recipients then posted TikTok videos showing themselves breaking the sticks apart. The satisfying snapping sound and motivational message quickly struck a chord. The #peachybbies hashtag gained traction with millions of views as people shared their own videos and reactions using the viral sticks.

Reasons for the Success Sticks’ Popularity

Appealing to a Wide Target Audience

The fun, motivational Success Sticks resonated with a diverse demographic, making them ubiquitously appealing.


Younger kids love snapping apart the sticks and playing with the tactile toy. The branding is bright and colorful to appeal to children.

Teens/Young Adults

For teens and young adults, the Success Sticks play into popular TikTok trends and aesthetics. They make fun props for videos and pictures to share on social media.


Even adults jumped on the trend, enjoying the motivational mantra. The sticks struck a chord as an uplifting fidget toy or desk accessory during the COVID pandemic. Their broad appeal helped fuel the viral word-of-mouth popularity.

Shareable, Meme-Worthy Nature

The format of the Success Sticks lent itself perfectly to being shared across social media platforms.

TikTok Creations

The satisfying snap sound effect was incredibly viral on TikTok. People got creative with different ways to break the sticks apart in fun videos. The short-form videos shared across the platform spread brand awareness rapidly.


Beyond just creating TikToks, people enjoyed gifting or pranking others with the Success Sticks. Friends and family would film each other’s surprised reactions when opening the sticks. Again, this user-generated content further amplified the brand and product virality.

The Impact on Peachybbies’ Business

Riding the sudden Success Sticks virality wave had a pronounced positive impact on this small Austin startup.

Boosted Brand Awareness and Sales

The TikTok trend led to a dramatic increase in brand awareness and sales for Peachybbies.

New Demographics

Prior to this, Peachybbies had been focused on mothers and children. The Success Sticks introduced their brand to whole new demographics like teens and young adults.

Sales Spike

Website traffic and online sales spiked exponentially thanks to the Success Sticks buzz. Wholesale partner orders also increased to meet demand.

Allowed Expansion of Product Offerings

With the influx of popularity and sales revenue, Peachybbies was able to expand their product lines.

More Slime Kits

They developed more unique slime kit themes and products to offer to their growing customer base.

New Merch

Peachybbies also expanded into merchandise like t-shirts, hats, and other brand apparel and accessories. The Success Sticks themselves are now a permanent product offering.

Lessons Learned and Future Outlook

This meteoric rise thanks to a simple fidget toy provides some key takeaways for small e-commerce businesses.

Importance of Social Media for Small Businesses

Leveraging social media platforms is invaluable for startups to reach new audiences.

TikTok Power

TikTok’s algorithm can create overnight viral sensations. Small businesses should strategically utilize trending sounds and hashtags.

User-Generated Content

Products that inspire users to create their own content are more likely to take off. This word-of-mouth marketing is extremely powerful.

Maintaining Momentum and Continuing Innovation

Lightning can strike once, but brands need strategies to maintain relevance after the initial viral novelty wears off.

New Success Sticks Versions

Peachybbies can release special edition Success Sticks to reinvigorate interest. Holiday designs or branded collaborations offer potential.

Potential Physical Store

As more customers discover the brand, Peachybbies may look to open a physical storefront and slime creation workshop space. This would provide an immersive brand experience.


Peachybbies’ story exemplifies how a simple, creative product can explode in popularity overnight thanks to social media. The viral Success Sticks launched what began as a humble Etsy shop into a globally recognized brand. This case study demonstrates the power of digital word-of-mouth and user-generated content for small business marketing. Aspiring entrepreneurs should remain nimble and open-minded, ready to capitalize on unexpected opportunities. With strategic social media engagement and continually fresh innovation, the next viral product sensation could come from anyone’s online shop.

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